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Upgraded lighting will improve your space and balance sheet. To determine the best solutions available, Saba Lighting conducts a free lighting audit of the existing space, including a review of your electrical usage and rate.

What Does a Lighting Audit Entail?

Saba Lighting provides turnkey energy efficient lighting solutions for industrial and commercial facilities throughout the Southeast.  We help companies lower energy and maintenance costs while creating a brighter, safer, and more productive work environment. 

  1. We do a detailed lighting audit of your facility. (Interior & Exterior)

    • What type of current lighting is currently installed ​?

    • What is the environment that is being lit?

    • Do you have enough light?

    • Count all the different lights and note wattages.

    • Does lighting need to be moved?

  2. ​Deliver a detailed analysis within 48 hours​ showing:

    • Current number of fixtures, types and wattages

    • LED fixtures that will be replacing current fixtures​

    • Current electrical consumption vs. LED electrical consumption

    • ROI analysis and any rebates available

  3. Provide option to obtain new lighting with no money out of pock​​et and be in a positive cash flow position from the onset.

Ask us how you can switch to LED without paying an additional dime more out-of-pocket than what you are paying now for old lighting!


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