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High Lumen Linear LED High Bay

SABA specializes in warehouse high bays and low bays with hundreds of projects completed. Our newest addition is the LHB70 fixture. This is just one example of the quality we put into all of the products we carry.

High Lumen Linear LED High Bay

  • High luminous efficacy up to 175 lm/w

  • Separate heat sink for LED driver and LED chip

  • Intelligent lighting: Zigbee wireless control, daylight sensor dimming, microwave sensor dimming, three-in-one (0-10v, PWM, resistance) dimming available.

  • Optic options for specialized racking and manufacturing situations.

  • Extruded aluminum for best heat dissipation and longevity

  • 7 year warranty


Saba Lighting Solutions

Saba has experience with hundreds of customers and has converted many facilities to LED. Every customer to date has been satisfied with the new lighting products, the installation process, and their savings that now show on a monthly basis.

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