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Saba Lighting Solutions

Saba Lighting provides turnkey energy efficient lighting solutions for industrial and commercial facilities throughout the Southeast. We help companies lower energy and maintenance costs while creating a brighter, safer, and more productive work environment. We will help you find the right solution, as we have done for many other facilities.

Ask us how you can switch to LED without paying an additional dime out-of-pocket!


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Our Applications

  • Industrial

    Proper illumination in your warehouse and  production areas increases productivity and makes for a safer work environment.

  • Commercial

    Not only will switching to LED help save you money, but you will stand out against your competition and enjoy working in a well-lit work space.

  • Education

    Schools greatly benefit from better lighting. Students are able to focus better without the flicker that fluorescent lighting gives. Parents and faculty also appreciate the safety from the new lighting.

  • Sports

    Choosing the correct lighting for your indoor and outdoor sports facilities greatly enhances the experience. Proper footcandles are crucial when upgrading.

What Our Customer's Say

"We were very pleased with the professionalism Saba Lighting offered. They converted our entire facility to LED and we love the way it looks!"

Brandon Hall School

Atlanta, GA

Saba Lighting Solutions

Saba has experience with hundreds of customers and has converted many facilities to LED. Every customer to date has been satisfied with the new lighting products, the installation process, and their savings that now show on a monthly basis.

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